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simpsons.jpgThe UK was my home for the first 20 years of my life, I lived all over the south of England, primarily from Brighton, then moved to Manchester for high school. Work was much more fun than school, and at the age of 15 I started working as a graphic designer for a local magazine.

How I got that job, I will never know. I went from being some kid that played with MS Paint and Word, to designing full color advertisements in a number of months, and then, I discovered my passion for design. One day, I want to work for Pixar.

Finishing school went to the bottom of the priority list when I had an injury that limited my ability to use my right hand, so I got a summer job in the US and fell in love with the country. New York and I bonded, then I fell in love with Seattle, and once the summer was over, I got a job in the design department of promotional marketing company.

My career has taken me on a strange path, having worked in design, sales, marketing and high tech. Design has taken a back burner for now, but I hope this blog to become my outlet for artistic comment, and who knows, one day maybe you’ll be blogging about me.

Home > About Me


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