70 Years Young

September 5, 2007 at 2:37 pm (1940 Film, Animation, Cartoon, Disney, Mickey Mouse, Pixar, Video)

Cartoons and animation fascinate us all as children. The bright colors, movement, and crazy plots that would unravel before our eyes would never been seen in ‘real life’, but once pen was put to paper, or mouse to screen, everything become possible.

I remember going to the movie theater as a kid to see Disney’s Fantasia, and begging my Mom to let me to see it again for weeks. This movie is soon approaching 70 years since its release, yet it’s hasn’t aged.

The age of web2.0 has propelled us into a new era of animation, both on the big screen, and from the comfort of our own homes.  My dream and ambition remains to be offered a job with Pixar one day, but until I get that phone call, this blog is going to be my place to comment, review, create and share.


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